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Culture and Tradition of our Country is not recent, but dated back to the time when human civilization came into existence. Whatsoever is the period of history, Culture of India is known for its tradition, festivals, dance and music. India is the land of colors and diverse culture, so evident the varied dresses that grace its people. Indian traditional way of dressing is marked by variations, both religious and regional with a wide choice of textures and styles. Western Societies did not always see the culture of India very favorable. As Atulya Bharat Production presents — a mixed blending of Beauty with its original state culture. This is a unique blending of Beauty with State Culture to be scheduled in each and every state of India. Participants will represent their traditional fashion on the ramp. Further, all the four zones (North, South, East, West) will compete for the finale to become the first Mr. and Miss Incredible India.. So, it’s time to represent the power of our tradition to the rest of the world.

Online Regisgtration


Age: Mr.& Miss category 18-30 (30 years as of 31st march 2020)

For Mrs. : Age 18 -45 (45 years as of on 31st March 2020).

Height: 162 cm (females), 172 cm (males)

Marital Status for Mr.& Miss participation should be one of these: Single, Un-married, not engaged.

(NRI’s can also participate)

The above conditions are the eligibility criteria which should be met by an applicant to get themselves registered for Mr. Miss & Mrs. Incredible India contest. Once the criteria are met, following personal documents would be required for moving ahead in the registration process.

Note: No colored contact lenses during auditions. There should be your Original eye color.


Age proof : The documents for age proof include passport, driver license, aadhar card or school leaving certificate. Any other document of equivalent nature can also be carried as proof of age.

 Proof of address : This shall include voter card or any other similar document substantiating the place of residence of an individual.

 Three Photographs in your Traditional attire (size- 2 MB )

  A 30 second video of your Introduction.


We shall be touring across 30 states which shall be divided into 2 categories i.e. State Auditions and State crowning. It clearly specifies strong steps have been taken to collect best contenders from across the country.

The Winners and the contestants shortlisted shall approach towards the next level. We shall ensure that applicants are given good training and are groomed in the right way to represent states and country ahead in future.

In the next level, These 30 states shall be divided into four zones, and each zone shall hold a crowning ceremony for the zonal winner.
Shortlisted Candidates shall be competing for the finale.

Grand finale to get our first Mr. and Miss Incredible India.

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