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We love the aroma of our country. We love the tradition of our Country. So, we are taking a step forward through this beauty pageant to spread the traditional aroma of our country all around the world.


In the limelight of western culture our tradition is getting lost. We want to boost our culture through this beauty pageant by representing the traditional fashion of all the states on the same Platform. We want to show the world why our country is being called “The Incredible India”.


Culture and Tradition of our Country is not recent, but dated back to the time when human civilization came into existence. Whatsoever is the period of history, Culture of India is known for its tradition, festivals, dance and music. India is the land of colors and diverse culture, so evident the varied dresses that grace its people. Indian traditional way of dressing is marked by variations, both religious and regional with a wide choice of textures and styles. Western Societies did not always see the culture of India very favorable. As Atulya Bharat Production presents — a mixed blending of Beauty with its original state culture. This is a unique blending of Beauty with State Culture to be scheduled in each and every state of India. Participants will represent their traditional fashion on the ramp. Further, all the four zones (North, South, East, West) will compete for the finale to become the first Mr. and Miss Incredible India.. So, it’s time to represent the power of our tradition to the rest of the world.